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Tormek SE-77 Square Edge Jig

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Tormek SE-77 Square Edge Jig

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The patented SE-77 is the latest upgraded version of the original Tormek jig. For plane irons and wood chisels, its unique design makes mounting the tool squarely in the jig fool proof. Two small knobs on one side of the jig allow you to fine-tune the jig for a precise result and achieve a perfect 90 degrees. These adjusting knobs also allow you to put a controlled camber on a hand plane blade. The jig's construction makes it possible to clamp and sharpen tapered chisels, for example Japanese chisels. A further enhancement is the moveable locking screw. This ensures the clamping pressure is even on both sides of your blade, guaranteeing greater stability and security when sharpening. Safety stops keep the jig securely on the Universal Support and prevent the tool from sliding off the grindstone. Max tool width 76mm (3in), max tool thickness 9.5mm (3/8in).

Key Features

  • Even clamping pressure for stability and security when sharpening
  • Unique design, chisels and plane irons sit squarely in the jig
  • Fine adjustment for a precise 90 degree edge
  • Allows sharpening a controlled camber on a hand plane blade
  • Clamp and sharpen Japanese chisels
  • Safety stops keep the jig securely on the support bar
  • Comes as standard on the Tormek T-8

Instruction manual can be found Here

Parts Breakdown list can be found Here

Tormek Brochure can be found Here

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