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Tormek US-103 Universal Support for T-3

SKU: TOR951054

Tormek US-103 Universal Support for T-3

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An extra Universal tool for your T-3 support can be a very useful addition, allowing quick interchange between the horizontal and vertical mounting positions, especially if it is preferable to save a particular set up. The US-103 features a micro adjuster making for smoother and easier operation and offering an accurate me33-d to find and replicate an edge angle. This is an excellent upgrade for an older machine. If you have an older machine, which has no Micro Adjust on the Universal Support, you can retrofit the new Universal Support with Micro Adjust, US-103. You can also use the existing Universal Support, but this is less convenient. The Universal Support with Micro Adjust is also a great advantage when using the Tormek jigs. Fits Tormek model T-3.

Key Features

  • Very useful extra universal tool support
  • Allows quick interchange between horizontal and vertical
  • Micro adjuster for smooth, easy and accurate operation
  • Unique acme thread
  • Excellent upgrade for older machines

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