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Veritas Flat Spokeshave PM-V11

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Veritas Flat Spokeshave PM-V11

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Chatter-free cutting in virtually all convex curves.

The 3.2mm thick PM-V11 steel blade fits perfectly onto the machined blade. The ductile cast iron body is fitted with hardwood handles, shaped for comfort and control. The toe serves as a thumb rest allowing the user to choke up on the body to attain exceptional control. Twin adjustment wheels quickly and accurately control cut depth and skew and shims let you adjust the mouth opening as needed. Each spokeshave weighs about 450g, 267mm long overall.

Key Features

  • Designed for smooth, effective, chatter free shaping
  • Twin adjustment wheels accurately control cut depth and skew
  • Extremely durable PM-V11 steel alloy blade
  • Ductile cast iron body with hardwood handles


  • Ductile cast iron body with bubinga handles and brass fittings
  • 10.1/2 inch long overall
  • 45 degrees bed angle
  • All have 1/8 inch thick blades made of A2 tool steel
  • Flat and round spokeshave blades are 2.1/8 inch wide, concave blade is 1.1/2 inch  wide
  • Twin blade-adjust screws
  • Flat and round spokeshaves come with shims to adjust mouth opening
  • Each spokeshave weighs about 12 oz
  • Optional hardware kit available to make customized handles
  • Made in Canada
  • Patented

Set up, use/care of Spokeshaves can be found Here

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