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Veritas Quick-Release Wonder Dog

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Veritas Quick-Release Wonder Dog

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This variation of the popular Veritas Wonder Dog features a fast-action cam mechanism and rapid slide adjustment. You simply slide the head until it touches your workpiece and then operate the cam lever to apply the clamping force.

The 19mm diameter by 70mm long post lets you use it wherever there is a convenient dog hole, or you can drill a 19mm hole. The low-profile head is only 16mm thick, so you can plane stock as thin as 19mm without worrying about hitting the clamp. The rod allows you a tad over 150mm of travel.

Screw holes in the brass head give provision for attaching custom-made wooden faces for clamping irregular shapes. The rod, post and cam lever are steel; the head is solid brass.

Made in Canada.

  • Fast-acting cam mechanism applies clamping force
  • Two screw holes in brass head allow custom face to be attached to clamp curved and irregular shapes
  • Low-profile head is 5/8 inch (16mm) thick; clamp body 11/16 inch (17.5mm) thick
  • Post is 3/4 inch (19mm) diameter and 2-3/4 inch (70mm) long
  • Dog has just over 6 inch (152mm) of travel
  • Rod, post and cam lever made of steel
  • Made in Canada
  • Patent Pending

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