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Veritas Transfer Scribe

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Veritas Transfer Scribe

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Made from aluminium alloy with brass fittings, the Transfer Scribe comes with a double ended steel guide pin. The pin has a pointed end for compass work and a rounded curved end for smooth scribing. The pin can be replaced with a pencil for double scribing. Fully adjustable from 0-300mm. Bi-directional level bubbles help guide the user and ensure the scribe is as accurate as possible. Any standard pencil can be used, the Transfer is supplied with an indelible pencil that marks well with only light pressure.

Key Features

  • Aluminium alloy with brass fittings
  • Supplied with double ended steel guide pin
  • Use for compass work and transfer scribing
  • Fully adjustable from 0-300mm
  • Bi-directional level bubbles ensure accuracy
  • Supplied with an indelible pencil

Set up, use/care of Transfer Scribe can be found Here

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