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Vitrex 33 1300 Twin Filter Respirator Dust Mask

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Vitrex 33 1300 Twin Filter Respirator Dust Mask

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Experience a superior level of protection with the Vitrex 33 1300 Twin Filter Respirator Dust Mask. This revolutionary dust mask features a twin filter system along with a respirator to keep out dust particles, pollen, and other airborne contaminants. Filter design is adjustable and changeable, making it ideal for all kinds of different environments. With its superior protection, you can breathe easy.

The Vitrex Twin Filter Respirator is fitted with replaceable P2 filter cartridges. It has a thermoplastic facepiece for optimum comfort and a one-piece head harness with elasticated strap for easy and secure use.

The respirator protects lungs against fine toxic particles and is ideal for use with MDF, hardwoods, fibreglass insulation and most power tools.

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